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Using shared variables (Data container adaptation)

The pymc.Data container class wraps the theano shared variable class and lets the model be aware of its inputs and outputs. This allows one to change the value of an observed variable to predict or refit on new data. All variables of this class must be declared inside a model context and specify a name for them.

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GLM: Robust Regression using Custom Likelihood for Outlier Classification

Using PyMC3 for Robust Regression with Outlier Detection using the Hogg 2010 Signal vs Noise method.

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Variational Inference: Bayesian Neural Networks

There are currently three big trends in machine learning: Probabilistic Programming, Deep Learning and “Big Data”. Inside of PP, a lot of innovation is in making things scale using Variational Inference. In this blog post, I will show how to use Variational Inference in PyMC3 to fit a simple Bayesian Neural Network. I will also discuss how bridging Probabilistic Programming and Deep Learning can open up very interesting avenues to explore in future research.

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