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Hierarchical Binomial Model: Rat Tumor Example

This short tutorial demonstrates how to use PyMC3 to do inference for the rat tumour example found in chapter 5 of Bayesian Data Analysis 3rd Edition [Gelman et al., 2013]. Readers should already be familliar with the PyMC3 API.

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Hierarchical Partial Pooling

Suppose you are tasked with estimating baseball batting skills for several players. One such performance metric is batting average. Since players play a different number of games and bat in different positions in the order, each player has a different number of at-bats. However, you want to estimate the skill of all players, including those with a relatively small number of batting opportunities.

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Dirichlet process mixtures for density estimation

The Dirichlet process is a flexible probability distribution over the space of distributions. Most generally, a probability distribution, \(P\), on a set \(\Omega\) is a [measure]( that assigns measure one to the entire space (\(P(\Omega) = 1\)). A Dirichlet process \(P \sim \textrm{DP}(\alpha, P_0)\) is a measure that has the property that, for every finite disjoint partition \(S_1, \ldots, S_n\) of \(\Omega\),

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